Electro music soul therapy. #burningupfriday

Electro house was introduced to me last year in the form of DJ Blend. Rather slow to jump on the wagon, until then I had always assumed electronic music was nothing but a repetitive techno loop called trance that made my brain feel sea-sick. In a way I do have to give the credit to disappointing mainstream pop acts that have let me down in the recent years with auto-tuning that made it impossible for me to remain a pop maniac.

Electro music is the only type of music that won’t make me cry which is an absolute golden achievement in itself. Imagining myself as the protagonist of sad songs and crying away has been my favorite pass-time over the years. Electro music is something my soul needed.

Emotional intelligence means identifying, assessing and controlling emotions. The controlling aspect can be a climb up Himalayas, especially when your hormones refuse to cooperate. You are responsible for your own happiness and as a twentysomething past the quarter life mark, intense emotional experiences and a few Ben and Jerry buckets+chocolate cakes later I have realized how to spot mood cheerleaders that will make me emotionally smart.

House music will not remind you of any emotional scenarios, it is all about the the doomph doomph doomph duh doomph doomph. Meditation and spa therapy might work for others but emotionless detached electro house dresses my soul’s wounds.

Here are some of my favorite electro music artists.

Diplo featuring Nicky  Da B-Express Yourself. Love them both.

Major Lazer & Party Squad- Original Don

Kaskade feat Skrillex- Lick The Carpet

Major Lazer- Pon De Floor (Afrojack Remix)


Dada Life April 2012 Mix


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