The cool kids of business cards

I remember getting my first business card working at my first consultancy job right out of b-school. Clearly I had no say in the designing and my excitement died the moment I held my business card. It was disappointing. About 100 copies of the same eventually ended in the bin. I suppose with the crazy overly connected lives we live, business cards aren’t really a necessity as in pre-social network days. Lately the trend is to carry exquisite creative works of art and not boring old business cards. It could be cheap printing or the fact that company heads openly endorse outrageous creativity, business cards today have become awesome little things that fascinate me.

Robin Jennings of has posted a little history behind the origin of business cards along with some images of the old stuff. Apparently, the French introduced the world to the culture of business card exchanges! has a long 3 part list of some seriously artistic business cards. Clearly, you no longer need paper to print your contact information on, these days just about anything goes. Chocolate, yoga mat, cleaning sponge, metal or even concrete.

The one above is made from concrete. My new favourite by has a collection of some really cool business cards that ride on Google’s back.  has a few more unique business cards.

Business card that doubles as a bottle opener.

I found a few more unique business cards on has some more eccentric and unique cards.

Few more artsy ones from

And this last one is my favourite seen as I had already thought this concept over in my head a few days ago. Pretty cool to see someone applying it! has about 80 more examples showing you that you don’t always have to think about printing your cards on some fancy material. Using creativity to make your unique mark on paper cango a long way in leaving an impression if you are on a budget! These designs are fabulous.

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