Beautiful time lapse

“If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.”

Joe Rogan is one of the few super intellectual, witty celebs in Hollywood, who would give Dean Winchester a run for his money with some of the stuff he says, if the later wasn’t a fictional character. (Matt Damon is another smart fella in my opinion.) I google this quote every now and again when life gets too serious. Although I have been an avid reader of Darwin’s naturalistic concepts, I still find it unbelievable that we did indeed smell each others behinds and ate lice off each others hairs but then it appears some people are into that kind of stuff, there by proving my own argument invalid.(Damn)

Today I was reminded of this quote while watching a beautiful time lapse video made by Adonis Pulatos.

Timelapse: EARTHEREAL from Adonis Pulatus on Vimeo.
The video above appears as an irony in the face of our daily life struggles and the constant bitching and moaning that follows. We give ridiculous importance to little things, constantly bothered about others’ perception or opinion about us, embarrassed and feeling awkward over nothing, too scared to express ourselves and filling our minds with endless negative self talk. While we go on living our robotic lives, comparing our situation to someone else’s and feeling jealous, back stabbing our own, breaking dreams and breaking hearts, we never pause to take a step back and see how stupid our lives have become. In the grand scheme of things what matters is that we live our own life to the fullest, be responsible for our own happiness because only then will we find ourselves capable of helping and loving others.

Life is incredible and we indeed are- over-analytical, masochistic, judgmental, crazy miniature monkeys. The space that has given us life is magnificent and holds far too much information than any human is capable of understanding. Sure we have a superior brain but with that come plenty shadowy issues, silly uncooperative hormones and negativity that multiplies at the speed of light. Positive thinking is easier said than done but I guess every now and again we should do little things that light up our brains and make us feel content. Things that remind us to stay humble and feel in awe of the wonderfulness within our universe. Personally, the more content I feel, I am more likely to be in touch with my own emotions and feel empathetic towards others. What is the point of having little monkey fights when our monkey souls are on a really adventurous/cool journey!

Monkey philosophy aside, I found some info written by Timothy Clayton on Daily Trojan, about how time lapse videos are produced.

Time-lapse videos are created by slowing down the process of capturing video and taking fewer images over a longer period of time.  Cameras are designed to capture a set number of images per second (usually around 24-30 frames per second), but in a time-lapse video one image per second is usually the standard.  This lower rate of frames per second is what creates the illusion of reality being in fast-forward.

Shooting a time-lapse video is fairly simple—all you’ll need is the appropriate camera (DSLRs are very popular for time-lapse), a tripod and a subject.  It’s amazing and fun to see the patterns that can emerge from seemingly mundane daily scenes, such as a traffic jam or a crowded city block.  Be sure to film your subject(s) for at least one hour.”



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