Uber sexy “watch” finds of the day

Thanks to DJ Storm’s blog, I was introduced to Igor Chak who has designed a beautiful watch that screams– futuristic.

The watch oNe is designed around a virtual face. The core concept is that the face can be changed with a simple click. One minute you could have a traditional mechanical display and the next it can turn into a very non-traditional one. Based on your style and moods, you can change the face of your watch.

Another cool aspect is that people can design these faces and upload them to the website where they’ll be shared with the world, creating a community of watch enthusiasts.

Although the USB ports are exposed, this watch is waterproof. One more thing that I found interesting is that watch oNe uses E-Ink display which is backlit by EL (Electroluminescence). This display technology is low on energy consumption and easy on the eye compared to LCD display. Unlike other devices where you have to push buttons to light up the screen, the display on this watch will be on all the time. Furthermore, the watch can be charged using the micro USB port.

This project will soon be on Kickstarter.com and will need your help in putting it through the final production stages. If you like the design, follow Igor Chak’s blog for more news.

Next on the list is Tokyo Flash’s Kisai UzumakiI love interfaces like these that take a slight while for you to decipher.

Built with a black/silver steel strap and colored EL backlight, this design makes up for a brilliant modern and sporty look. Uzumaki simply means ‘whirlpool’ in Japanese. It comes with a green or blue display. Visit Tokyo Flash’s website for more information.

Last on my list for today is Ziiiro’s- Ziiiro Proton. These colors are fantastic. Vibrant and summery, the face gives this watch an ultra-modern look. Once again, a watch that makes you work your mind.

You can visit the Ziiiro website for more information on this particular model.


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