Huffpost therapy for the soul #burningupfriday

In the series of Friday soul therapies, today I want to give a shout out to Huffington Post as this week it turned 7! Over the past 3 years HuffPost has reignited my love for reading.

Huffington Post is a success story because they provide something others don’t-a liberal content structure. Arianna Huffington is an inspirational, intelligent woman and clearly her celebrity/political contacts have helped the news agency but there is more to this success story.

Anyone can submit their blog entry to Huffington Post. This social strategy works great in providing the site with an intuitive insight into issues that interest people. Posts from regular celebrity bloggers are great at attracting their fans to the website. Apart from that, their top ranked bloggers are equally influential on Facebook and have thousands of subscribers. Good integration with social networks, attention grabbing headlines along with excellent search optimization also play their role in HuffPost’s success.

Another thing that works for HuffPost and this is probably the reason why I consider HuffPost my soul therapy is the variety of content they provide. I can spend hours reading news articles and blogs. A daily run through provides me with so much extra knowledge! Recently, they have begun a section titled GPS For The Soul which is my absolute favorite. Something like this is much needed in our chaotic world.

Reading can be therapeutic. It takes your mind away from the minor issues upsetting you, gives you enough material to ponder over thereby kicking all the negativity out and gives your brain a good workout! The brain is like a muscle too, get it moving.


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