Eminem therapy for the soul #burningupfriday

Eminem is a true artist in every sense and I’ve been a fan of his work since my silly angry teenage years. Back then his music was a pseudo outlet for all my pointless anger but as I’ve grown, I now realize the power in his work. Em has grown as an artist too, and even though Relapse was pretty much ‘eh‘ as he himself would agree, Recovery put him out in a completely different light. Over the years his rapping skills have gone from excellent to exceptional and with each new song, he comes across as an even terrific writer. This man is great at the art of putting feelings into words!

My anger filled teenage days are long gone but when I feel miserable and low, I still put my headphones on and let Eminem rap away. He has a strange way of lifting my spirit up and calming my wounded soul. This might not work for everyone but his angry vengeance filled voice and the ‘don’t let anyone tell you, you are no good and find your inner strength’-like lyrics are very therapeutic.

Em always has me pumped up for the next round. 


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