Vivid Sydney’s Futuristic Extravaganza!

Started on 25th May, Vivid Sydney Festival will continue until 11th June, 2012. These creative light & music art installations are just so vivid. Awesomesauce would be the word to describe these phenomenal visuals!

Source for the image above: There are more photos on the website.

See more photos at

Source for the image above: JessJamesJo on Flickr There are some prettier ones on his Flickr.

Crouchy69 on Flickr has some lovely photos too. I recommend these.

Now this is what you call an art installation! Sydney’s Opera House. 

Preview of ‘sub|version’ at Vivid Sydney 2012
The Buchan Group / Haycom’s installation at Vivid Sydney 2012, ‘sub|version’ is an innovative mapped water projection, corrected for viewing near the northern Overseas Passenger Terminal tower.

Vivid Sydney-Customs House Light Projection.

Vivid Sydney-Museum of Contemporary Art.

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