Youtube Guided Meditation therapy for the soul #burningupfriday


As a worry wart, overexerting myself beyond human capabilities to avoid disappointments and then kicking myself when I face disappointments leaves my mind very stressed. Understanding you can only control so much and leave out the rest that is beyond your control- well that is something easier thought of than done. I suppose everyone has areas they struggle with and mine is definitely ‘negative self talk’ caused by the constant worrying and anticipation of horrible events.

There is a pattern to life, an odd purpose behind every good or bad thing that is smacked in your face. Some people I know would prefer to call life just a series of random events. Personally, every-time I think of our mind’s insane capabilities and the human will that took us from caves to space, I am forced to believe that life is not so random and if at all it is, then there is a system hidden in this chaos.

Never in my life have I been able to sit still with no noise in my brain. Now there is nothing wrong with my mind always working to find solutions but this is inherently where my problem lies. Why should someone always work to produce solutions, unless the mind has been busy anticipating problems where there are none! It is a vicious cycle.

The past 10 days, I have been testing meditation. The first two times I struggled to keep quiet and stop my imagination from drifting off to Vegas, but eventually it worked. The reason I feel it worked is because I started with 5 minute guided videos. From there I increased that to 10 and later 25 minutes.

There are some great guided meditation videos on Youtube. I highly recommend trying these out because they are short and personal. All you need are your headphones! Try this before heading to bed. Takes a couple days to get accustomed to but you will eventually sleep better.


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