Dynamic Physical Keyboard For Touch Screen UI

Tactus Technology is responsible for creating this amazing technology that enables you to integrate the Tactile Layer™ with any of your touch screen devices (smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, etc.) by replacing the front layer of the device display (cover glass/window/lens).

Typing on touchscreen has its own drawbacks since humans tend to favor the physical touch, a feature that has disappeared from all new devices. With the Tactus integration, dynamic buttons pop out on your touch screen display, which feel very real, there by enhancing the user’s experience.

Features of the  Tactile Layer™

  • Replaces window and sits on top of the existing touch screen
  • Works with existing touch sensing and display technologies
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Size is scalable (mobile-phone screen to TV screen)
  • Button layouts, shapes, location and sizes can be customized

This technology will be available in mid 2013. Check out the video below to get a glimpse at how the dynamic layer functions.


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