Augmented Reality-Project Mapping Crash Course

Here’s a good crash course in Project Mapping that I found at Creators Project for all you visual art installation lovers. I have to be honest, I never knew this procedure that appears to be Augmented Reality’s cousin, is called ‘Project Mapping‘. We’ve been seeing this technology everywhere at festivals- 3D animation popping out on object’s exteriors. A few days back I posted some videos from Vivid Sydney where project mapping can be seen in action.

It appears that project mapping is a part of cinema since it considers our human need to experience entertainment together as a group. There is a fun club vibe that goes along with these installations that can keep our senses captivated but the awesome bit about this technology is the nature of dual connectivity. As project mapping improves, it will pave way for better interactivity there by truly enhancing the user experience.

The Creator’s Project has a nice article on architectural project mapping.

And ofcourse, here’s the video I mentioned earlier. It has been created by AntiVJ, a team of French visual artists who have developed some ridiculously amazing installations. I highly recommend checking them out to be WOW’d by their work.

EYJAFJALLAJOKULL Audio Visual Installation. Museum of Digital Arts, Beijing.

I’m super excited to see where the future of transformed reality is going to take our world.


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