Minjae Lee’s Stunning Illustrations

Minjae Lee’s work has left me absolutely shocked because there are no graphics software involved. His work is art that has been created the old fashioned way with color pens, paint and crayons, would you believe it?! For proof, there is a video, sped up to show just how this South Korean artist went about creating the illustration above.

This is some serious talent! You can visit Minjae Lee’s website at GrenoMJ.com or check out his Facebook page for more awesomesauce visuals. There is a bunch of stuff you can buy from his website, including smartphone cases (which will be available for overseas shoppers soon). I’ve got my eyes set on the galaxy note case.

As a lover of colorful visuals, these illustrations are an absolute treat to the eyes. Here’s another illustration titled ‘Circulation‘.


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