Fun Marketing: Ogilvy’s Rugbeer

Argentine beer manufacturer Cervaza Salta has launched this new beer vending machine, designed by Ogilvy, that has to be tackled with in order to get a beer. This idea is similar to the one Ogilvy designed for Coca-Cola, earlier this year. Coke’s machine required a tight hug before it could dispense a can.

As a marketing gimmick targeted towards Rugby fans, this comes across as a knockout idea. The company has reported a 25% boost in sales because of Rugbeer. Not sure about the dislocated shoulders.

You insert a coin and start ramming into the machine at speed. Apparently there is a ‘pussy meter’ that indicates the strength of your hit. Check out the video below.

This reminds me, its a good thing I don’t drink beer! Hugging vending machines over tackling them, anyday!


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