Augmented Reality: New Layar App Revitalizing Print Ads

Layar, world’s leading augmented reality mobile solutions provider has launched the Layar Creator targeted towards the publishing industry. This new web based app from Layar will enabled anyone to bring static print pages to life with videos, links, buy buttons etc.

With a few clicks, one can upload documents/images/videos, drag and drop digital buttons and publish their work on Layar. The three unique features as we are informed of from Layar’s Press Release are,

  1. Easy to use-The Layar Creator is simple and intuitive with drag-and-drop functionality – it couldn’t be easier to make print interactive.
  2. Seamless integration – With no software to install and no restricting watermarks or QR codes to use, the Layar Creator has very little impact on the workflow of a publication.
  3. Cost effective – With pay-as-you-go, bundled pricing and free ad-supported options, the Layar Creator is affordable on any budget. And until August 1st, it is completely free to use.

Check out the videos below to see how print advertisement is going to transform. Although I barely know any people who have Layar installed on their smartphones, I have a feeling this is bound to change as more companies opt to infuse AR functions into their marketing strategy.


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