Blinging! Coldplay’s Xylobands

Xylobands are LED controlled wrist bands that have been handed out to the audience on Coldplay’s latest tour. Apart from being used at concerts, they can be handed out at all kinds of other events, which means these make up for a really fun marketing tool! The unique feature of these Xylobands is that you can control when and where the LED can be activated, there by giving you an opportunity to maximize user experience at the best moment during the event. You can create fun designs by activating different colored lights to display your brand among thousands of people.

Product Information

  • Xylobands™ are LED wristbands you can control.
  • You can vary the speed of flashing, including on/off, and also control which colours are flashing.
  • Xyloband™ strap and LED colours are currently available in, green, blue, yellow, red, pink and white.
  • A white strap will show all LED colours clearly – the LED light colour will not show until the LED is on.

For more information visit RB Concept’s website for Xylobands

This looks so fun!


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