Secrets To World’s Happiest Workplace

Places of work should be able to inspire you, make you feel comfortable, feel like a community, so you can perform most effectively. Unhealthy pressure, stiff unexpressive relationships, robotic environments are the leading causes for many health and mental troubles. Having worked in both, some very happy and a very sad work place (two extremes),… Read More Secrets To World’s Happiest Workplace

Visual Delight: Bonneville Speed Week (August 2012)

Feels like I have been waiting around forever to find good quality photos from Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats. Bonneville’s Speed Week had over 512 entries combining high-tech engineering and vintage automobiles-including custom belly tankers, hot rods, motorcycles and streamliners—gathered to set land speed records and race at upwards of 400mph upon the uninhabited salt shell (Nowness) Images… Read More Visual Delight: Bonneville Speed Week (August 2012)

FunTastic- Light Graffiti By Darius Twin

Bring on –Dancing With The Skeletons! Clearly the dead adventurous skeletons have more energy than many of us do! These skeletons are created with Light Painting (which is a rather interesting, time-consuming process and no, these images are not photoshopped). The creator of this amazing photography is Darius Twin (Darren Pearson) from LA, who produces some really awesome… Read More FunTastic- Light Graffiti By Darius Twin