Fascinating Design: Newton Meets Edison

Based on Newton’s Cradle, Yasutoki Kariya at the Musashino Art University, Japan has designed Asobi ( roughly translated play) as part of his senior thesis exhibition. This re-visualized installation is made of 11 computer-programmed incandescent light bulbs (Think Edison!) hung on a string.  Kariya’s Asobi playfully visualizes the transfer of kinetic energy, along with an apt click-clack. Instead of using actual kinetic energy that forces the steel balls to move, Kariya has devised a piston based method to create this amazing visual experience.

Doesn’t this design take the concept of ‘mesmerization’ to another level?!

The lovely gif on top is created by Experiments In Motion. Get mesmerized!

(Source: Spoon-Tamago.com & ThisIsColossal.com)


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