Find Your Quiet Place

For the past 3 months, I’ve taken conscious actions to break out of the technology loop. The mind can end up with random chaotic thoughts since social media is such a crazy maker! Sometimes a break is much needed. Even though you may struggle the first couple days, there is a different feeling in not being connected to technology 24/7, you have so much more time to do other things, to truly experience life! But switching off from technology has almost become a luxury in this day and age. How many of us can really afford to not fire up the computer and check important emails everyday?

I came across this sweet website designed by Amitay Tweeto. It is called The Quiet Place Project. There are three different things you can do on this website. You can either click on The Quiet Place and understand why you should break away from the technological loop, there is the 90 Second Relaxation Exercise where soothing music plays in the background while you learn to relax and finally there is the The Thoughts Room where you can type random thoughts that are on your mind and watch them shatter into little stars. Head over to Google Plus to follow The Quiet Place Project’s activities. I must say this stuff is very interesting! I also found some Chrome Extensions for this project, there is one titled The Dreams Room where you can privately write down your dreams, keep them centered and focus on fulfilling them.

The second cool site I really like is This is another website that offers you the soothing sounds of nature along with beautiful moving images to go with it. You can set a timer for relaxation.

The last website for relaxation is I was introduced to this site a couple days back via The Next Web. If the sound of rain relaxes you and puts you to sleep, then this is the place to be!



Relax Now!


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