Mike Olbinski-Storm Photography

There is something absolutely soul-soothing about these images even though they are photographs of some deadly looking storms. These images took my mind away into that “silence before the storm” phase which is oddly filled with positivity because the storms look so brilliant in these photos. I would call this the ‘treat of technology’ as I feel grateful for the invention of cameras and internet…really!

The photographer is Mike Olbinski who specializes in weather/storm and wait for it…wedding photography.

Mike Olbinski Photography: Stormchasing Arizona - 2010 &emdash;

Mike Olbinski Photography: Salton Sea &emdash; The Forgotten

Mike Olbinski Photography: Arizona Landscapes &emdash; A beautiful sunrise over the Arizona desert.

Mike Olbinski Photography: Outside Arizona Stormchasing &emdash; The House

Mike Olbinski Photography: Lightning &emdash; A strike along the Beeline

Apart from being an outstanding bad-weather obsessed, stormchasing photographer, Mike also creates stunning time-lapse videos of the storms. Below is the time lapse video for a super cell in Colorado

You can check rest of the time-lapse videos over here

Source: MyModernMet.com


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