FunTastic- Light Graffiti By Darius Twin

Bring on –Dancing With The Skeletons! Clearly the dead adventurous skeletons have more energy than many of us do!

These skeletons are created with Light Painting (which is a rather interesting, time-consuming process and no, these images are not photoshopped). The creator of this amazing photography is Darius Twin (Darren Pearson) from LA, who produces some really awesome light graffiti.

I highly recommend checking out his work on Flickr. There’s dinosaurs, demons, aliens, frogs, bands…bunch of other random adorable looking lighted things. I’m captured. You can read more about Darren at Light Painting Photography.

Here is a basic tutorial by Darren on how to create light painting. If you are a photography enthusiast, there are more tutorials on his Youtube page.



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