Secrets To World’s Happiest Workplace

Places of work should be able to inspire you, make you feel comfortable, feel like a community, so you can perform most effectively. Unhealthy pressure, stiff unexpressive relationships, robotic environments are the leading causes for many health and mental troubles. Having worked in both, some very happy and a very sad work place (two extremes), I concur with this article that I came across at which suggests that imitating Iceland within a work place environment might hold the key to create positive, happy workplaces.

Writer Geoffrey James explains that Icelanders are more than twice as happy as Americans, and although I am no American, the videos/photos/stories I have seen and read about Iceland all speak the same truth-Iceland looks like a really happy country…and a happy country it is.

According to this article in The Atlantic- This is a country where 73 percent of the people said they were content, compared with only 50 percent of Western Europeans and 33 percent of North Americans.

The interesting thing is that the Seasonal Affective Disorder is lower than in other countries that experience the same amount of long dark winters (which precisely lasts for half the year!). Add to this darkness, the volcanos, earthquakes, financial collapse…yet Iceland stands tall in its calm beauty.

Creating Community, Encouraging Broad Interests, Put Family First and Provide Healthier Food are some suggested tips. Head over to Time to read this article in-depth.

The Reykjavik Grapevine is a good site to get information regarding life in Iceland.


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