Lycanthropy: Poetic Attempt (Part Deux)

This is something new for me. A while ago I decided to finally open my poetry book from years ago and get inspired. There are about 250 poems in there, most look pretty miserable now, seen as I was an anger filled, depressed, emotionally unstable teenager. Family and friends always told me how I should be writing but guess putting it off comes easy. Over the last decade or so I was pretty sure that words had desserted me. But, apparently not.

After 8 years I finally decided to give writing a shot again and words decided to flow. Not sure how I ended up writing it in this narrative style. Never tried that before. I’m not even sure where the concept came from, it felt like magic, as words and ideas kept pouncing at me from every corner of my mind. I just HAD to write so I could feel better, feel grateful for my imagination. Most days I wish I had a talent that brought me money like painting or music but instead I’ve got the beggars talent-poetry!

The concept is open to interpretation.
My best friend thinks it is about a hungry wolf eating sheep! That could be a thing too ha.

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