Unwind: Mystery Film Experiment By Sigur Rós

For their latest album Valtari, Sigur Rós have commissioned original videos by a bunch of different directors. They have all been given the same budget to use their imagination and come up with a concept that blends with the lovely Icelanders’ tunes. Apparently the brand is completely unaware of what the directors have produced until the end! Creative Freedom.

This video is directed by Henry Jun Wah Lee on a remote island in Southern Japan. I really have no words to describe how serene these landscapes are, at one point I felt as though I was already standing bare-feet in the forest and smelling the early morning air. Watch it in full screen mode to make the most of this experience and spot some animals lurking in the background. Gorgeous nature photography!

Henry says – dauðalogn is a spiritual and meditative journey into nature. 

…since the time of our earliest ancestors, nature has been a source for inspiration, imagination, and wisdom. nature is where we come from. even in this modern age, its energy still flows through our veins. being in nature, we see the world our ancestors saw: a place of beauty, a place to reflect, a place to learn, and a place to connect with the heart and soul.

There are 7 other videos from Valtari that are already out. Make sure to check them out here. Film #3 is NSFW, just so you know ha!

This one below stood out to me, its just different FILM #4: REMBIHNÚTUR BY ARNI & KINSKI

“…being able to move from the mind into the heart. this is what the music of sigur rós helps us to do and we use it as a tool in our meditation. in meditation we are able to feel and move through our emotions allowing us to drop deeper within our hearts. from this depth of heart we are finding more acceptance, compassion, love, gratitude, passion, clarity, intuitive thinking and much much more. we hope this video will inspire you to do your part in elevating the consciousness of the planet in whatever way that may be.”


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