What Makes Me Happy: Backstreet Boys

Partying like its 1999.

I saw #BackstreetGMA trend on Twitter yesterday but wasn’t able to catch up with this video until a while ago. I’ve already replayed it two times because the song-the crowd and of-course the band is so nostalgic. This is my childhood right it front of my, all over again!

This is their first performance together as a 5 member group since 2005. Although the other 4 guys have recorded two other albums together, Kevin has rejoined the group as always had been anticipated.

I’m not much into pop music anymore considering voices these days are too synthesized but these guys have a special place in my heart. Something about them is organic, may be its their family like bond with each other or the fact that they have been making music since 1993 and I’ve followed them since 1995! Mental.

Watch them perform the classic Larger Than Life,


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