Monster Installation: Robots & Lasers (jaqapparatus 1 by Chris Cunningham)

This exciting art installation is created by Chris Cunningham. For those of you who don’t know who Cunningham is, he’s the guy who directed a bunch of wacky videos including Madonna’s Frozen in 1998. Chris has been underground for almost a decade, as Nowness reports, experimenting with fusions of film, music, art & technology through live audio-visual performances in Japan and Europe.

A little while ago, he created this amazing robo-laser-war-sex ballet called jaqapparatus 1 for the hi-tech concept store, Audi City in London. In this self-directed video for Nowness, he retraces his career from directing videos to creating sci-fi art installations.

“Mounted on the robots heads are powerful lasers which they use to attack, repel and communicate with each other,” explains Cunningham, “a kind of duel, a surreal mating display which sees each machine trying to dominate the other.”

For some strange reason, my embedded video isn’t showing up. Head over to Nowness to view the video.

This video I found on Youtube, focuses just on the installation. Sci-fi fantasticness.

Thought I’d add Madonna’s Frozen in here too, reminds me of 8th grade. Hard to believe its been 14 years already.

(Source: Nowness; Images from Pocket-Lint. )


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