Always A Fire: Chad Jones

Chad Jones is an incredible inspiration. I recommend, everyone who is feeling self-pity or self-doubt, MUST watch this documentary.

Chad Jones is a former safety for New York Giants who played both college baseball and college football for LSU. He was waived by NY Giants earlier this year as he failed a physical. What I didn’t mention earlier is, in 2010 Chad Jones was in a car accident.

Always A Fire has tugged at my heartstrings, seeing Chad’s painful accident, surgery and recovery is very emotional. This documentary reminds you to Quit Complaining-Quit Making Excuses-Just Quit All That Brings You Down and move on towards your dreams. When you have a dream, when you love something from the bottom of your existence, nothing can stop you from achieving it. Just hold your heart in your hand and believe that the universe will pull you through the worst pain of your life.

The past couple years have been incredibly tough for me-mentally. It is human nature to want your dreams to come true right away, but the universe works on its own clock. This video reminds me that there is a huge gap between those who work towards their dreams as opposed to those who give up, that gap is filled with pain and delays but eventually when you get through it all, the universe does reward you. The biggest problem is having faith in the process and not relapsing into your old ways. Watching a video and feeling inspired isn’t enough, for you will wake up tomorrow and find yourself demotivated again. There have been so many instances when I’ve been so inspired by a book or a video, I stay motivated for about 5 days and on the 6th day, the chemicals in my brain begin dancing around because they really miss those negative thoughts of self doubt and self-pity. Lately, I am learning that transformation is a constant process. You have to remind yourself daily that there is a purpose behind the pain, the delays and mental anguish. Just showing up for this fight every day, says a lot about your soul’s growth.

Always A Fire from Union HZ on Vimeo.

I really hope Chad gets to play in 2013! He has done a lovely job of inspiring so many of us by giving us a glimpse into his personal fight.

Video Credits: 

Directed by Nathan Caswell & Jeremiah Zagar
Produced by Jeremy Yaches
Cinematography by Zak Mulligan, Julian King, Mark Stetz
Production Design by Sophie Kosofsky
Graphics by Jonah Birns
VFX by Dorian West
Color by Seth Ricart
Sound Design & Mix by Tom Paul

Featuring music by World Gang, Dan Deacon & The Baby Boyz Brass Band


2 thoughts on “Always A Fire: Chad Jones

  1. I wanted to complain about something, someone, thats keeping me from fulfilling my dream. But that would be self pity and negative. Whatever happens, at least I’ll be holding baby lions, and baby white lions (1 of 500 in the world?) in my arms.


    1. Dang Unger! Totally forgot about Unger.

      Really? only 500 left? 😦 Dumb question but why don’t they work on test tube lion babies?

      I can’t wait to see your grin when you finally do it, I’ll feel like a proud adopted mother or something hahaha I inspired you to go all george of the jungle.


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