Sun Warrior: Poetic Attempt (Part Deux)

Sun Warrior

To begin with, in my mind, I had the character of a young kid who has suffered abuse in a very turbulent home. Naturally, this kid has issues of low self confidence and is scared to open up. The mother is detached and unavailable, the father is violent. I started off imagining a little boy, but somehow the boy’s character was just not fitting the story so I changed it to a girl. I used the ‘Fable‘ genre for writing. Now I’ve never read any dark fables but I know they always have a moral lesson in the end and I love the idea of not addressing characters with their real names. I call it ‘fable’ technique because the Moon, Sea, Time, Sun, Rainbow…all have human characteristics but then they bring their own ‘nature’ traits too. It could very well have been a realistic story though. I started off with an idea about creating this Balloon seller who comes and rescues the kid but then I had a change of mind. I didn’t want it to be a boy rescues boy/girl tale. I wanted the character to be a strong willed one, someone with the warrior’s spirit and who better to give her that life force but the sun, hence the Sun Warrior.

This story does follow the usual theme of light after dark but more than that, it is about acceptance of pain, understanding loss and having faith that life has a purpose, that our souls are on a constant journey. I think in some ways I got inspired by Billy Pilgrim’s character in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five. The tag line used after each death “not always literal death” is- so it goes. Life goes on, our dreams go on, the fight goes on. One major fictional concept mentioned in this book is that of time travel which if you read carefully assists in grieving death. Although we can’t make sense of what we can’t see, most of us have faith that we are connected, that there is something far bigger than our understanding which exists out there. Some force that binds us together with love, which lets you know that the people closest to your heart will forever be a part of you. Neither the pessimists nor the optimists know what is on the other side or if there even exists an other side but as someone who has hope, faith and love in my heart, I want to believe in the power that only makes itself seen through co-incidences, synchronicity and omens.


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