Get Spooked: The Saline Project

The Saline Project are brothers Adam and Ben Toht, Jesse Roff and Liam Kirtley. Their work can be described as Pure Entertainment! In this new series Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims (A Thirteen Part 3-D Lenticular Series), they bring us characters from our favorite classics! I just watched Benicio del Toro’s The Wolfman only a little while ago. Adam Toht posing as the wolf here looks a lot less savage but spooky none the less. They also have the Lochness monster, an alien, a quivering victim and the typical femme fatale from film noir.

With Halloween season upon us, these horror-esque images bring about a classic element of entertainment to the air! The Saline Project aims to release one horror gif each week until Halloween, making up 13 images in total which will be compiled in an art app! I recommend checking their website, they do a lot of creative entertaining work.



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