Made Up: Liverpool Biennial (Events)

I was attempting to be clever using the term ‘made up‘ but then I figured I might as well explain. For a scouser, ‘made up’ would mean ‘they are pleased’ and not literally ‘made up’ although this art is ‘made up’. Alright, I’m done being clever for the day.

Scousers also mention a lot of other crazy terms, so definitely speak to at-least one in your lifetime:)

Liverpool is the one British city that fascinated me since I was about 9! Strange fascination with that name. Despite being in the UK for 4 years, I never managed to visit it. Go figure. Now here’s something I could do, if I randomly decided I wanted to travel there-check out the Liverpool Biennial.

Liverpool Biennial is the UK Biennial of Contemporary Art. For ten weeks every two years the city of Liverpool is host to an extensive range of artworks, projects and a dynamic programme of events. It is the largest international contemporary art festival in the UK. (Continued on Wiki)

This year, Liverpool city’s visual arts exhibition runs from today (15th September) to 25th November, 2012. I have to be honest, I don’t understand certain type of art but there are a few installations I really liked (from previous years).

The Web of Light by Ai Weiwei (2008)

The web of light being reflected in a puddle by Formidable Photography

Turning The Place Over by Richard Wilson (2008)

This year, the exhibition introduces a wonderful lift installation by Israeli artist’s Oded Hirsch. It is an elevator erupting from the ground, at the shopping district Liverpool One. Its pretty random!

Check out Liverpool Biennial’s calendar for whats on from today until 25th November, 2012.


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