Evil Instincts: GQ’s Villains

A few months back, photographer/director Nadav Kander, got a bunch of bad guys together and made these clever and funny videos. This GQ project includes short videos and interviews, which are pretty cool to read if you love the bad guys of entertainment. Honestly, to think of Jack Gleeson as a good guy is difficult but when you read the interview, you are sort of reminded that he’s just another kid, probably a very normal kid! GQ says-“These seven men make heroic work of evil“. For me, the fact that Benicio del Toro and Malcolm McDowell are included, is more than enough to share this new find.

I love this comment from BenicioWith the bad guy you have more freedom to experiment and go further out than with a good guy. I think a good guy’s role has its perimeter marked, in a way.

I must admit, even though Alex in A Clockwork Orange is a horrible man, you want to learn more about him than just hate him straight-out. Malcolm McDowell brought pure brilliance to that character. Neither of us is pure good or pure evil, it only makes sense to give some attention to the guys who made evil characters so unforgettable!

Head over to GQ to watch the other 5 videos that include Mark Strong, Ron Perlman, Jack Gleeson, John Hawkes and Walton Goggins. Links to all interviews are available on the same page.


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