Intense Dawn by Miyako Yoshinaga (Full Moon Edition)

Miyako Yoshinaga’s photos taken under this series titled ‘Dawn’ are dark and beautiful! Miyako has captured a magnificent range of colors through these photos. Monday 29th October, 2012 was a full moon and these photos remind me of that maddening moon intensity. I believe our inner darkness has a lower and higher form, the higher… Read More Intense Dawn by Miyako Yoshinaga (Full Moon Edition)

Nature’s Special Effect: Bioluminescent Waves

Oceans across the world have all experienced something called bioluminescent waves. These blue waves aren’t photoshopped but are instead created quite naturally by overabundance of marine microbes called phytoplanktons. As a kid fireflies fascinated me, these blue organisms have the same effect on my brain right now! I’m so glad I came across these beautiful… Read More Nature’s Special Effect: Bioluminescent Waves

Fine-Art-Graffiti: David Walker

David Walker is the creator of some seriously creative-breathtaking graffiti art. Using spray paint, he creates these wonderful , emotive masterpieces, this graffiti cannot be tagged as vandalism! Based in London, David is a part of the Scrawl Collective and does live shows, internationally. This is a new piece he recently painted at Shoreditch in London.… Read More Fine-Art-Graffiti: David Walker

Surreal Illustrations: Alexander Jansson

Mystical Dreamland created by Alexander Jansson is terrific despite the grim/dark portrayal of strange fantastical characters. What makes Alexander’s work outstanding is the imaginative creativity, his digital illustrations remind me of the narratives I enjoy writing. If you are fascinated by darkness and mystical/surreal creativity, you will love visiting Alexander’s website. According to Alexander’s website,… Read More Surreal Illustrations: Alexander Jansson