Whimsical Project Mapping: A DandyPunk

Project Mapping excites me! Until now I had only seen projections on buildings and such but when I saw this beautiful theatrical display by A DandyPunk, I was left stunned. This visual experience is truly fantastic. Who knew project mapping could so artistically be integrated with performance art to tell a story.

According to A DandyPunk’s website,

 A dandypunk exists to inspire and motivate creativity, non-conformity, whimsy, intense curiosity, do-it-yourself mentality and everyday eccentricity in everybody. The new weird.

All these dancers are a cast of Cirque de Soleil. They have incredible moves and clearly no bones…just elastic all over.

These concepts are so inspiring for your creativity. Enjoy!

Visit A DandyPunk’s website or Vimeo page for more information and videos. You can also visit my previous post on a Project Mapping crash course.

Projection mapping live performance art – The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk from a dandypunk on Vimeo.

Handbalancing in Hyperspace – A New Dawn (full live act). from a dandypunk on Vimeo.

A dandypunk – inspiration from a Cirque du Soleil artist from a dandypunk on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Whimsical Project Mapping: A DandyPunk

  1. This is what I love the most about the entertainment industry. You just never know what you’re going to find next, do you? One second you think you’ve finally seen it all, but then something new, exciting, and creative pops up, and your mouth is to the floor. I just loved all of these videos, they are so neat and magical. Do you happen to have any other dandypunks that you’re willing to share?


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