Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia Therapy For The Soul #burningupfriday

When you are feeling low, the last thing you want is to be reminded of why your heart aches or mind hurts! Over the years I have learnt one thing, never watch a movie or TV show which will strike a painful nerve when you are feeling low or depressed. Although its fiction and not reality, there’s always some element that will invite your emotions to get involved and before you know it, the mind feeds you more fodder to sustain that sadness.

There are comedies that make you laugh, story lines that will find you involved as you start rooting for a particular character and then there are edgy comedies that punch your depression in the bin. Although I consider comedies a great medicine for depression, I have a soft spot for darker comedies with dysfunctional characters.

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been one of my favorite TV shows since I first got introduced to it 3 years back. This is my favorite show to watch when I feel low because it calls for zero emotional involvement. None of these characters have morals and thats perfectly fine. Sometimes you need entertainment that doesn’t invite your brain to form judgements about fictional characters. In reality, these five characters could be considered psychopaths and their like, with the stupid things they do but because its fiction, their shortcomings and messed up thinking will crack you up. There are no goals to be pursued, none of these characters are on a personal evolution, there is no sensitivity, most of the time these characters talk over one another without a pause but in all that heartless chaos is born a truly entertaining show with great performances and very random plots to distract your mind from the hurt you are feeling inside, making Sunny a great soul therapy for this Friday.

If you love this show like I do, you might want to check out these 15 funniest clips.

If you have never watched it and you were a fan of Arrested Development, you might want to give this one a try.


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