Edward’s Children of Saturn: Poetic Attempt (Part Deux)

Edward’s Children of Saturn is pretty long. It started as a simple poem but then my imagination ran to Vegas and the story continued on, eventually turning this little write up into some sort of a poetic short story.

In some ways I can relate to Edward, especially his ability to mask pain/stress with sarcasm and art. I wanted him to be a Capricorn as myth says this is the sun-sign that can rise back from ashes. If you are a believer of astrology, you’d already know that Capricorn’s biggest failure comes from the inability to fight off inner self-limiting demons. If you are a non-believer, you’d still agree that our biggest enemy is our own nervous system. I’ve seen people do all kinds of crazy things to run away from reality and my poem uses a lot of those observations.

Ego is a weird thing, psychologists claim you should have a ‘healthy’ ego, too much or too little can damage you. My spiritual journey over the last year has been to get rid of my gigantic ego and learn to convert that into love. This sort of reminds me of the days when I would use Facebook and enjoy the attention, the comments and likes on my photos, show people how great my life has been, until I realized my greedy ego left me feeling extremely anxious. I suppose, most of us are guilty of this crime. For the sake of this story, I wanted the character to have a larger than life ego, hence I made him an actor.

Edward resides in a fictitious Victorian like era. Most bits mentioned in the story come from my basic research of the Victorian period. Having born and lived in India for most of my life, I have noticed the hard life orphans/street kids have to live but their strength to overcome adversity is commendable. I wanted to bring that quality to the characters that would interfere and change Edward’s life path. I further learnt of the hard life orphans lived during the Victorian times, most worked hard at the textile mills all day long and preferred to live on the streets than at orphanages that exploited them.

Finally, Faith-Hope and Love play an important role in my life and I wanted to create an uplifting narrative using this positive message.

If you got this far, Thanks 🙂


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