Unclutter: Friday Therapy For The Soul #burningupfriday


This whole week I found myself on the edge, really irritated and easy to anger. I worked out pretty hard the entire week but frustration remained until I figured out its cause this evening. There’s too much clutter around me. Turns out, a scattered surrounding can make your brain feel pretty scattered too. Especially for someone like me, my mind is naturally on a roll looking for one random thought after another and suddenly finds itself locked behind the walls of clutter.

In my case, I do a lot of traveling so I pretty much prefer to live in a suitcase than drag all my stuff out and re-pack again and again. Now that I’m planning a move to another country, I keep buying things I need to pack for the big move, which was definitely the last thing I needed! I have things all over the place that need to find a home. At one point I had a sad thought of burning everything off so I won’t have ‘things‘ to take care of especially 10 bottles of lotions and hair stuff. To add to that mess I have two mac chargers lying on my work table, the phone charger, ipod charger…I think you get the picture now. Finally when my patience broke, I realized all I needed to do was start de-cluttering to fix my mood.

De-cluttering is not only therapeutic for the soul because it provides your brain with a focus and productive thoughts but also because the end product will uplift your mood. You’ll feel proud of yourself!

Things that are of value to you, must have a home and if they don’t have a home, it is your job to find them one.

Start with the basics, just move around the things on your table to leave them in an organized fashion.

Focus on one thing at time or else you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and more frustrated.

Uncluttering is a simple approach that doesn’t require much thinking, just an effort from your side. If you are feeling a bit low or just frustrated without a cause, get away from the computer and go simplify your living space by uncluttering.

Just came across this blog at the Unclutterer for tips on how to de-clutter. I also recommend reading Oprah’s 12 ways to Unclutter Your Life for ideas.

This is a nice video, an interview with Oprah’s organizing guru,


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