Supertrees: Singapore’s Urban Oasis

I remember seeing a photo of these giant trees in the newspaper a while ago but didn’t read much on them until now. These colossal structures are solar powered super trees found in the Bay South garden, Singapore. The trees are a part of Singapore National Parks Board initative to cultivate flora and fauna from foreign lands. These 18 super trees act as giant man made vertical gardens that generate solar power, act as air venting ducts for conservatories and collect rain water. 11 out of the 18 super trees are fitted with photovoltaic systems that convert solar power into electricity.

These trees are so incredible, they feature tropical flowers and ferns across the steel framework. If you are going to Singapore, make sure you visit these beautiful man-made structures of wonder.


supertrees1 supertrees4 supertrees3 supertrees2

Source: CNN/DailyMail


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