Melt Away: 15 Random Acts of Kindness

We are so used to seeing senseless things go viral, I’m really not sure why such beautiful posts never seem to spread around as much. I personally think, these images will remind you to keep faith in humanity.

Lets be kind 🙂

acts_of_altruism_07 acts_of_altruism_06 acts_of_altruism_05 acts_of_altruism_04 acts_of_altruism_03 acts_of_altruism_02 acts_of_altruism_01 acts_of_altruism_08 acts_of_altruism_09 acts_of_altruism_10 acts_of_altruism_11 acts_of_altruism_12 acts_of_altruism_13a acts_of_altruism_14 acts_of_altruism_15


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