Enthralling: Andreas Franke’s The Sinking World

It took me a while to figure out exactly how Andreas Franke has created these wonderful masterpieces. These aren’t paintings, they are photographs of models dressed in 18th century attire, that have been superimposed on images of wreckege of the SS Stavronikiti, which was sunk off in Barbados.

The concept of juxtaposing Rococo models against the wrecked ship which acts as a bedrock to artificial reef is brilliant and unthought of really.

Ofcourse, the photos aren’t the only thing that have blown my mind, the fact that you have to dive 78 feet underwater to view this exhibition is incredible! These images are pinned against the Stavronikiti by strong magnets. The artwork is encased between sheets of Plexiglass with a stainless steel frame and a silicone seal to keep the water out.

The exhibition opened on 27th December, 2012 and will run through to April, 2013 at the Stavronikiti wreckege site of the coast of Barbados.

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Source: DailyMail


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