The voice that speaks inside

By Leonid Tishkov

That inner voice…

We all know it, sometimes its defeating, other times its uplifting and then there are times when you just can’t hear it. All part of being a human.

At times I find myself questioning the limitless positivity in my inner voice, may be my worry wart brain just can’t handle the fact that everything is going to be alright eventually. Today was one of those days so I decided to see what I would come across if I googled ‘inner voice‘, and this is what I came across.

A beautiful poem by Shel Silverstein

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you–just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.

The best thing about the inner voice is that it is personal and ALWAYS with you. When you feel cornered by life, just call upon that inner wisdom to help you de-stress.

Source: Photo by Leonid Tishkov


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