Underground Art: Art Stations in Naples

Tube stations aren’t exactly my favorite places to be, it is probably my claustrophobia but if underground stations looked as mind blowing as these, the art would definitely keep my unnecessary anxiety in check.

The Art Stations project is an incredible venture started by Metro Napoli in collaboration with 90 internationally renowned contemporary artists.

People pass in the Dante subway station with artworks by US artist Joseph Kosut. Picture: AFP PHOTO / MARIO LAPORTA
A view of the Materdei subway station with artworks by Italian artist Alessandro Mendini as part of the “Art Station Line 1” project. AFP PHOTO / MARIO LAPORTA

I personally love the Toledo Metro, designed by Spanish architecture firm, Oscar Tusquets Blanca. The large mosaic in shades of blue captures the motion and movement of water and light. Conceptualised by South African artist William Ketridge, the mosaic is enhanced by lights especially created by Robert Wilson, which bring glamour to the tunnel.

The Toledo Metro station is the 13th station opened in September 2012 during Europe’s Week of Sustainable Mobility. It is on the Via Toledo (Via Roma), one of the main shopping streets in Naples. A second entrance to the station will open in Feb 2013, in the Spanish Quarter, Quartieri Spagnoli


People walk in the “Cathedral” with the Crater of Luz by artist Oscar Tusquet Blanca in the Toledo subway station. Picture: AFP PHOTO / MARIO LAPORTA


People walk in the University subway station with artworks of Egyptian artist Karim Rashid. Picture: AFP PHOTO / MARIO LAPORTA

What I love about these stations is that they don’t house the art, they are art themselves! In a world full of dingy, smelly, creepy undergrounds, this underground beautification trend is something other cities need to jump on!


Source: DailyTelegraph/TheCoolHunter


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