Dr. Brian Weiss Therapy For The Soul #burningupfriday

I came across an article on Dr. Brian Weiss, in a Sunday Times edition last year. At first I almost neglected the front page article but when I put the paper down and opened my mom’s tab, I noticed my dad had been reading up on Dr. Brian Weiss’ book Many Lives, Many Masters. I decided to read further and found myself introduced to the concept of Past Life Regression. Dr. Brian Weiss used to be a traditional psychotherapist until one of his patients started recalling past life trauma.

As an open skeptic, I’ll give everything a read but when concepts seem too far fetched from reality, my mind gives me the signal to stop pursuing it. Being a spiritual person, I strongly believe in the idea of soul and consciousness but past life regression didn’t appeal to me. Logically, how can a mind remember something it hasn’t experienced? Yet when I think about my inner voice, which often comforts me or gives me answers even when I haven’t witness the outcome or future, I understand you can’t always rely on logic.


Many Lives, Many Masters is an interesting, short book. Even if you aren’t entirely sure whether to buy into this concept or not, there’s still a lot you can learn to heal your soul and make sense of your fears, anxieties or life patterns. Brian Weiss doesn’t write like Paulo Coelho, yet the messages they deliver are similar, so if you’re a fan of Coelho’s work, you will enjoy Dr. Weiss’ books. After reading all of the messages delivered by the Masters, I felt as though the text was reiterating what my soul already knows. When all the voices around me quiet down, especially that negative voice in my head, the wise brain knows just how to proceed ahead.

My biggest anxiety in life comes from my attachment to the family. The fact that I constantly find myself in opportunities that pull me far-far away from home adds to the madness. In the past there have been irrational fears in my mind over my concern for my parents or the one or two people really close to my heart. Dr. Brian Weiss’ work helped me look at these fears from a different perspective, a perspective that definitely helped me in handling my separation anxiety. Once you realize that you are forever connected to the other souls in your life, you can let go of any fears that arise in this physical dimension. I’m not sure about other lifetimes but my inner wisdom knows that there is definitely something beyond this life. The love I feel in my soul reminds me that there’s more to life than what we experience in this dimension. There is a reason for our existence, a reason for particular people to exist in our lives, a reason for some people to be mean to us, a reason for some to be our rescuers, a reason for everything.


This week I finished reading another of Dr. Weiss’ book, Only Love is Real. It is a beautiful tale of two re-united soulmates. I always believed soulmates aren’t just romantic, soulmate relationships thrive on pure love, not just romantic love. Honestly, romance is overrated and it has nothing to do with love (imo!). My take on soulmates is that, if your love for the other doesn’t change, even if their relationship to you changes or their physicality changes, then it is a pure bond. The unconditional love you feel for your soulmate would exist even if this same soul was born as your own child, or parent or friend or sibling or a significant other. They could play a thousand different roles in your life and you would still feel that same unconditional love for them. True love is the greatest power of all, it is what connects people beyond this dimension. Only Love is Real is such a lovely read for anyone who has lost loved ones to death or separation. The grief that leaves you feeling hollow will never be filled but you can’t stop living your life or looking after yourself, it isn’t what the other soul would ever want for you. The greatest gift you can offer the souls you love is of self love. 

After reading these two books, I tried the past life regression video I found on youtube, a session conducted by Dr. Brian Weiss himself. I tried it a couple times but didn’t get too far. The last time I tried it I felt a strange twitch in my left arm and a lump in my throat but then I figured it was probably because I was half asleep or something! I’m not giving up though, I want to see if this therapy really works. But even if it doesn’t, I’ll continue reading more of Dr. Weiss’ work because he comes across as such a gentle, beautiful soul that has some really significant lessons to impart. Lessons that are very therapeutic and will help us heal our grief.

You can order Dr. Weiss’ books from his website, where you will also have access to other information about him and his work.


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