Calming: Arrival in Plymouth

Been a while since I blogged. This past month has been very unpredictable. It started on a very bad note with me being misdiagnosed with appendicitis and postponing my move to UK but after having put my body through a mill, I am recovering from an abdominal muscle injury and my transition from India to the really warm, welcoming and beautiful Plymouth has finally been successful.

Pre-travel I went through a full blown anxiety attack which continued on the flights (not good!) but the moment I landed in Plymouth, my stomach found peace! Butterflies are good to look at, but never inside you! On another note, I’m so thankful to the nice Emirates employee who got me in an entire 4 seat row.

It is true that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and Plymouth has been that light for me. I am breathing normal again and the people I keep bumping into have been putting a huge smile on my face. I have lived and traveled through UK, Middle East and India but never before have I been in a town where this many people are warm and friendly. May be it is something in the air!

Here are some photos I took on my Galaxy Note using the Beach setting. I’m so glad they came out vibrant like I wanted. Truly captured the natural colors.

20130202_115024 20130202_115019 20130202_113927 20130202_113855 20130202_113846 20130202_113822


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