Happy Vibes Photography: Meg Johnson

How I stumbled upon Meg Johnson’s photographyis quite an interesting tale of random coincidence. While I browsed through Twitter in an attempt to find cool people to follow, I ended up on Meg’s profile and noticed she’s not only from Plymouth but she’s my neighbour!

Meg is a Photography & Creative Media graduate from the University of Worcester and has worked as a professional photographer for the past three years. Her goal is to capture moments in their natural light and you can instantly see that in this day and age of photo filters, simple still wins! I instantly fell in love with her photography because it gives off a beautiful happy humane vibe. Meg says, positivity is her mantra!

Johnson is currently working on a 365 Photobook Project, which will go up on Kickstarter. I will add an update when more information is available. For now, head over to her website and enjoy her art! If you would like to work with her or model for her, visit her website.













What I find truly amazing is that I have seen these Plymouth sights (The Bucket Man, Fireworks, Lighthouse) and although they were/are beautiful to look at, Meg’s lens has brought out the ‘spectacular’ in them.

Head over to Meg’s Flickr for more happy vibes! You can also follow her on Twitter & Facebook


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