Shamanic Meditation Therapy For The Soul #burningupfriday

Although the tranquil kind of meditation serves its own purpose, lately I have found myself experimenting with Shamanic meditation. The state of consciousness that I can attain through Shamanic meditation is quite different to what I experience through the usual guided meditation videos.

I have very recently started learning about Shamanism and from the little understanding that I have, Shamanic meditation aims to put you in touch with your higher spirit through techniques that can alter your consciousness. The idea is that everything we need to know, all of the wisdom is already within us. In my opinion, meditation by itself can be quite a psychedelic experience but shamanic meditation takes it to another level. May be I found it to be such a rejuvenating experience because I love drums & vivid wild sounds. The vibrations one experiences from these sounds are meant to clear different chakras.

To read more about Shamanic meditation, check out


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