Digital Revolution in London

Couple weeks back I was in London and when my plans with friends fell apart, I decided to go and find this “Digital Revolution” event that I read about last month. Probably took me 3 hours to find my way as I had never been in this part of London before but everything was worth it. Digital Revolution is an art exhibit thats on at the Barbican Exhibition Centre in London until 14th Sept, 2014. When I first entered, I felt my heart flutter with happiness with all the tech stuff around. There’s a cool installation at the entry point where you can move this robotic pod like creatures by swaying your hands. If you are a computer nerd like me, this is a place you must visit! Digital Revolution is devoted to the architectural advancement of tech from its old school days. The pre-historic computers on display left my brain flooded with memories from the 90s. My favourite hobby was breaking computers and then taking them apart because they had stopped working. Something about seeing these pieces again made me giddy! Once you are done taking in all this random information and played some games, you proceed to this installation area where they have quite a few really cool installations on display. There was one where you could stand in front of this screen as you queue up to enter another installation. The screen displays your reflection and then suddenly smoke starts coming out of your eyes, like in Supernatural! I didn’t have time to record everything but the installation had some poetic reference to after life (I think). Dark and beautiful. There was another installation which allows you to speak your wishes into a microphone and they are then printed on the screen with beautiful butterflies dancing around. I thought that was quite pretty. I wished for “Everyone to be happy” but then realized that a really dumb wish to have because there might be some idiots out there who might find happiness in the destruction of technology :S Philosophy aside, there was also a 3D printing installation but it didn’t seem to work well. I guess you can print stuff and have it enter some contest. I wish that area wasn’t so crowded and the one system I got my hand on wasn’t frozen. My favourite installation was of course The Treachery of Sanctuary. It is created by Chris Milk. To get started, you stand in front of this huge white screen where your shadow is reflected. As you start moving about, making gestures with your arms and legs, the shadows on screen turn into beautiful play. It is really quite dramatic. I wish there was someone with me to record me but since there was no one and I refused to trust someone else with my brand new S5, I shot a video of others doing it. You can only see their shadows. There was a bunch of other cool stuff to experience but my favourite were the items on display near Exit. I fell in love with this digital dress that changes electronic patterns with the click of a finger. All in all, it was worth the £8 something I paid with my student discount. If you are in London, check this one out.  

20140726_172957 These tech birds each had a phone number attached to them. From a phone placed next to this installation you can ring the number and that particular bird starts “singing”, flapping its wings. 20140726_172229 20140726_173935 20140726_172217 20140726_172158 20140726_172009 20140726_171742 20140726_171733 20140726_165400 The dancing robotic pod like creatures at the entrance. 20140726_164754 20140726_164704


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