Event: Meg Johnson’s 365 Exhibition (Photography)

A few months back, somewhere in the vast Twitter space I met Meg Johnson, who turned out to be my neighbour. I was instantly impressed with her work and published a post about her in March titled Happy Vibes Photography. Last night I finally met Meg in person at her first exhibition opening night, so a follow up post had to be done!

Meg’s photography blows my mind because she captures life in its most simplest, everyday states and turns it into something that is incredibly elegant and surprisingly emotive. The photos that were on display last night, exuded this beautiful stillness that seemed to have filled the room’s ambience with pleasant-happy vibes!

The exhibition displays 365 photos that Meg has taken as part of her 365 (one photo a day) project. I am amazed at how she has thought of a new photo concept for each day of the year! If you are in the Plymouth area, definitely go and check out Meg’s 365 exhibition at the Devonport Guildhall. The 365 exhibition is on till November 1st, 2014 (Monday-Saturdays between 10 am to 4 pm). It is easily accessible seen as I managed to reach there and back on public transport without getting lost (although I did end up getting on a bus run by a different company).

Posted below are some of my favourite photos shot by Meg Johnson.











I had quite an enjoyable evening, thanks to Meg. It is amazing that only a couple weeks back I wrote a post where I mentioned that I didn’t think I would meet creative people in Plymouth seen as I am always surrounded by PhDs, but last night showed me this whole other side to Plymouth that I hadn’t experienced. Meeting Meg was amazing! Had that exhibition room been full of photographers and their photos, spotting which one belongs to Meg would have been a very easy task. Her fun, happy personality clearly shines through in her art. Along with Meg, I also met a fellow Plymouth blogger, Aimee who was an absolute delight. She writes a wonderful blog that promotes Plymouth businesses- The Plymouth Blogger. I am looking forward to doing some fun writing work with Meg and Aimee!

All of the photos above are from Meg’s website. You can check her out on Twitter @megsphotosUK

Check out Aimee’s website The Plymouth Blogger and follow her on Twitter @ThePlymouthBlog 




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