Beautiful: Brian Hodges’ Mongolian Portraits

Mongolia is one of those unpopular tourist destinations I want to visit along with Northern Afghanistan and Greenland. The way of life in Mongolia might be incredibly difficult for someone like me to get accustomed to (even for 3 days) but I will drink Yak’s milk, eat horse intestines and then spill my own intestines out in the Gobi desert, just to experience the raw beauty that Mongolia has to offer.

Santa Barbara based photographer Brian Hodges is a software engineer turned photographer, who goes on journeys to unexplored lands to capture the life there. Assouline’s book the Gypset Living showcases Brian’s beautiful photos of the nomadic Mongolian way of life. According to the FeatureShoot article, he lived in a traditional Mongolian ger amongst the nomadic community. These families migrate from one place based on season changes and the needs of their animals. On his experience living in Mongolia, Brian says – “There is something intrinsically peaceful about living in a round room. No space is wasted.” 

Grazing horses near a Mongolian village © Brian Hodges / Offset
Mongolia – July 14, 2013: Mongolian polo players © Brian Hodges / Offset
Mongolia – July 22, 2013: Mongolian man with a little fawn © Brian Hodges / Offset
Mongolia – July 17, 2013: Portrait of a Mongolian girl with her grandmother © Brian Hodges / Offset
Mongolia – July 17, 2013: Mongolian family traveling by a motorcycle © Brian Hodges / Offset
Three Mongolian yurts under the starry night © Brian Hodges / Offset
Mongolia – July 22, 2013: Mongolian boy playing basketball © Brian Hodges / Offset
Mongolian cheese and yak butter tea © Brian Hodges / Offset

I recommend checking out Brian’s website for photos of other countries that he has traveled across along with portraits and landscapes. For more photos from the Mongolian series and how to buy them, check out Offset.



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