Leftovers TV Show: Therapy For The Soul #burningupfriday


Leftovers is a new HBO show that has captured my mind. I don’t eagerly look forward to it every week, nor do I go searching the Internet for the episodes I haven’t watch. It is not that kind of a show. This show doesn’t stir any-What will happen next? emotions in me. To me it is the show that just happens, in the present, which resembles the show’s theme.

In the midst of the bizarre disappearance of some people on Earth, life continues on for the ones left behind. The oddest thing is that the show is not about the disappearance of the people but about how everyone deals with that situation in their own weird way. There is no – In your face. This is why this character behaves this way – sort of psychology. The characters exist on screen without much focus into their motivations for behaving that way. Some characters are down right annoying and my personal understanding is that I feel this hatred because in my head I am justifying the actions of those who seem similar to me and I don’t quite understand the behaviour of the Guilty Remnants.

I despise the cigarette smoking, white clothes wearing, silent characters as they remind me of people I have come across in my life who do their best to drag you down because they don’t know how to deal with what they are feeling. People who see the glass fully empty. I’ll never understand why anyone would choose silence over the truth. Yet whatever their stances are on this odd event, each person seems helplessly human.

Leftovers reminds me a lot of life. Life is never about the events that happen, instead it is about our journey where we are floating through now and there. I find the show inspirational on a philosophical and creative front. I have chosen this show as my Therapy For The Soul because something about watching these characters deal with life stimulates the human experience within me. If you haven’t yet given this show a shot, do it!

The show is based on a novel by Tom Perotta.



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