Training The Monster Mind-30 Day Challenge (#burningupfriday)

Even after 2 years of forcing myself to look at the positive picture every morning, I still suffer from instances of depressive lows. These are not even the result of the outer circumstances, they are very much the creation of my own mind. May be it is impossible to always be in a happy state or may be my brain is more susceptible to hormonal imbalances/mood swings, whatever the cause, some days can be extremely difficult for me.

About a month back I landed on this website-, which has now become one of my favourite forums to visit when I find myself going down the rabbit hole. Here I came across an interesting idea about the 30-Day Vortex Challenge. Not being keen on registering to post online, I decided to start my own little Evernote task. For the past 32 days, I have been typing the sentence- Feeling Good (with the date and day number) in my Evernote, every night. The first 15 or so days I was genuinely feeling good, then I found my mood dropping again, I went through 3 straight days of feeling hopeless but I kept forcing myself to type- Feeling Good. It felt fake in the beginning, typing something I did not feel but I decided to keep at it until I made it to 30 days.

After 30 days I noticed two things,

1. I no longer forget to update my daily statement.

2. Even on days that have been unpleasant, my mind managed to scan all the different experiences and find atleast one that I was truly grateful for each day.

This task is not medication. It won’t pump happy hormones in the body that food and exercise help in producing but it is a mini, almost quarter step toward training the monster in our brain to be happier. As an ever patient soul, I have spotted some benefit in this tiny task and I hope you the reader might want to give this a shot too.

-Feeling Good.


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