Fighter Mentality: Mute the Noises


I can vaguely recall the many conversations with my Grandmother where she would teach me life’s philosophies in the most child-friendly language, mostly through stories of warrior princesses, famous scientists and sports figures! Today is one of those days when I have managed to connect the missing dots of my life through writing. I wonder if exposure to concepts such as “will-power”, “self-confidence”, “patience”, “being a fighter”, at a very young age made me the person I am. I don’t second-guess myself. What I do though is, I doubt external circumstances, other humans, life, universe and then worry myself sick over whether something will work in my favour or not. I have never seen the closure of one door as the end of that story but on many occasions, I’ve had people remind me that I am going to fail/have failed.

Failure is inevitable but as I have documented from my own life experiences, it either leads you to discovering something even greater or forces you to chase what is dear to your heart. How it will lead you to your greatest potential is mostly self-effort and some parts ‘fighter mentality’ where you learn to mute the noises disturbing you.

If there is one thing I could tell my younger self (from two months back!), I’d tell myself to stop wasting energy on building negative thoughts which are essentially someone else’s personal fears. Blaming our failures/problems on others is the most self-harming skill we pick up as children. The fact that someone took a dump on the path to your dreams and you as a full-grown human could not swerve around it, makes you the dumb-fuck.

When someone questions- How are you going to do this? ; What will you do if this doesn’t work out? ; WTF! You haven’t meticulously planned the next 5 years of your life?

or makes a definitive statement that- This is not going to happen for you.

MUTE the noises! That is all those words should be to you…NOISES! Give vague responses, curb the conversation before it gets any further. There is no need to take these statements personally either. Every-time I have proved people’s predictions wrong, I never felt the need to call them up and go- “I did it!”. Vengeance is a vicious circle, it makes us an un-kind fool, just like the person who started it. Do something because it is your dream, it is close to your heart. Don’t do it just so you can prove someone else wrong.

The fact that you got so far in your life shows that you know what works for you. Make that the end of the matter. People do shitty things and have been doing shitty things from the cave-times while other humans kept going, kept reaching, kept fighting.

So, the next time someone makes you want to second-guess your dream, MUTE the noises and keep pushing quietly (at your pace, in your own time).

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