Beautiful: Brian Hodges’ Mongolian Portraits

Mongolia is one of those unpopular tourist destinations I want to visit along with Northern Afghanistan and Greenland. The way of life in Mongolia might be incredibly difficult for someone like me to get accustomed to (even for 3 days) but I will drink Yak’s milk, eat horse intestines and then spill my own intestines out in the Gobi… Read More Beautiful: Brian Hodges’ Mongolian Portraits

The Lonely Series: Quit being a judgemental bitch

I had an idea to start The Lonely Series (Expat’s thoughts on surviving lonely). I have spent quite a few years making it alone in English land where weather is grim and so are expressions 😐 but sometimes its sunny and someone nearly misses their “Sorry” quota!  Loneliness is not a one-dimensional topic. It is interlinked with so many different things.… Read More The Lonely Series: Quit being a judgemental bitch